spring sky


Still light in the sky after 6:00pm.  In spite of the persistent piles of frozen snow, we can feel the turn of the year towards spring.  Evening traffic on Summer Street, heading out in the B bus to pick up the dance team gals.  Took this through the windshield. Not the most spring-y image, but something about the light gave me that first gut-level sense that change is in the air.



3 thoughts on “spring sky

  1. I went to a Daffodil Festival yesterday. They are blooming all around us and the festival, which is a yearly event, was great. Lots of nurseries come to sell their plants and I bought a few. So, yes. Spring is on the way. Love. GAP

  2. Hopefully you’re right P – sure could use a dose of vitamin D right about now !
    Love to the dance team gals 🙂

  3. that was a beautiful sky, but fear you have had a last mean thrust from winter …did you get the latest snow? love to all of you, mom

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