About / the B bus

The B Bus is our 2005 navy blue Honda Odyssey.  We know it’s totally uncool to drive a minivan.  But we love it — from the automatic doors to ample cargo space for backpacks, scooters, beach chairs, or bikes. Not to mention high occupancy carpool capacity.

We started the blog to capture photographs and impressions of road trips and excursions both near and far.  Whether we are traveling the interstate, visiting friends and family, commuting, carpooling, or simply tooling around our town, we are drawn to chance encounters, shared rituals, random extravagances of nature, and living history.

PHB sits in the front seat.  She usually drives, and she maintains that minivan carpool capacity and the ability to concentrate on conference calls while parked outside the dance studio are the two most critical elements of the juggling act that is life in Arlington, MA as a single working mom of 4th grade twins.

GHB likes her spot right behind the driver.

LHB likes to change things up depending on the mood of the day.  Sometimes she rides in the back, with a whole row to herself.  Sometimes she rides “backseat shotgun,” next to GHB.

The B bus gals are frequently joined by a merry band of dancers, choristers, and other carpool buddies.  During weekends and vacations, they are often on the road to their next adventure, and they are currently planning their next Big Road Trip, for summer 2013.


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