travel pics

GHB and LHB took some great photos back in February, during our brief visit to California. I’ve been meaning to post some for a while!100_0865

Here is GHB’s view from the window seat — quite a difference from looking out the window of the B bus!


LHB, like many east coasters, fascinated by the palm trees.

IMG_1996  IMG_2002

And how about that great Rodin face from the sculpture garden at the Cantor Museum on the Stanford campus!

Feb 2013 iPhone 023

Here she gets in to the Rodin mood.  (this one I took)

And here is GHB’s lovely view of the GG Bridge from afar.


It was fun for us to compare our photographs — everyone has a different eye on the same beautiful scenery in the Golden State.  The girls are now embarking on social studies projects where they will prepare presentations each on one of the 50 states.  GHB is feeling very lucky to be working on California!



I love this detail from the reliefs around the bases of the street lamps in the park outside the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco.  Westward Ho!


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