midsummer night’s catch-up

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We haven’t made a post in so long, we have contemplated putting the B Bus on hiatus — the blog, that is, not the actual B Bus, which is still rolling on, taking us to camp, to the beach, to softball games and street fairs.  Summer is in full swing. The girls have graduated from 5th grade, said goodbye to our neighborhood elementary school, and embraced the middle school reading list along with their new cell phones.

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While at overnight camp at beautiful Ferry Beach in southern Maine, they made these stunning fairy houses. Perfect for teeny tiny magical woodland beings on a midsummer eve.

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And I’ve been puttering around in the garden a lot. Last summer’s epic road trip was so incredible. But in some ways it’s a relief to be staying close to home this year. I can never truly keep up with the weeds, but at least this year I have a fighting chance.

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We did lose some plants to the bitter winter, but it truly astounds me every single year when we see what has survived to push forth into the sun and heat and steamy green of summer.




Not Just Flowers and Trees


posted by LHB

I took a Nature Photography class for SummerFun camp at Ottoson last week. The class was 3 hours every day, and we were walking around Arlington most of the time. we were walking about three miles everyday except Friday that week!! my feet were sore every day when I went home that week. this picture is of some overgrown Daisies in some ones garden, they were sticking out between two fence posts. This was one of my favorite flower pictures.

Here are some of my other favorite pictures from Menotomy Rocks Park, the lake part of the Res, and the overall neighborhood around the Ottoson!


this is a picture of a turtle we found sitting on the edge of a concrete wall at the Res. we could only get about ten feet away, and my camera only zoomed to about three feet away, so we cropped the photo, and found out that he had green stripes on his neck, and red stripes on his legs!!


I took this photo after a friend threw a rock into the water, and I took a photo of the ripples it made, with some reeds, a tree the ground, and a bush as the backround, on the computer we altered the lighting a little, and gave it some contrasts and highlights, and this is how it turned out!!


This picture is of some mushrooms that were sitting on the side of the bike path we were walking on, practically begging to have their picture taken. I got my camera to the side and under them, and took the shot. on  the computer we cropped it a little.


The picture above is one out of many pictures I took while just taking random pictures with my camera pointing up. it has no digital editing. “I like the pattern of leaves,” says PHB.


This photo is of a frog/toad we saw with his head poking out of the water at Menotomy Rocks Park. We didn’t go in the water, so I actually had to take the shot from pretty far away. But we cropped it on the computer and the toad got bigger!


This one tree stands by the baseball diamond next to the Trader Joe’s, also near the Rez.  It is hollow, so I thought it would make a good picture. This photo has no digital editing.

IMG_2276This is some water peeking out from between two trees, at the Res. On the computer we altered the lighting and used shadows to make it darker on the edges.

“I think it ended up looking more mysterious and magical than the Res usually does,” said PHB.

This class was great, and these pictures are not just flowers and trees!