dreaming of summer: let’s go for a RIDE


above: Hershey Park / Hershey, PA

2013 Summer Roadtrip Recap: Picturing Thrills and Chills

We didn’t end up blogging from the road as much as we thought we might. This was partly because we had to rely on inconsistent wi fi access at various stops along the way, and partly because we typically spent our evenings finding a local eatery, swimming in a hotel pool, and trying to get to sleep early so we could get an early start in the morning!  Days were spent driving (of course!), and cramming in as much scenic wonder, historic sites, and fun pit stops as we could manage. Months have gone by and summer seems both a distant memory and a longed-for mirage on the other side of this bitterly cold winter. We thought it’d be fun to do some more roadtrip recaps, to capture more of the highlights from our amazing 3,600-mile journey, and other images from Summer 2013. 

Before and during our big road trip the girls and I enjoyed rides that are faster, louder, steeper, twistier, and a heck of a lot more thrilling than driving around in the B Bus!


Last summer we spent more time than we usually do at amusement parks. I took lots of pictures while they went on LOTS of rides! These are some of our favorite old-time carnival-inspired amusement park photos, from Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and a few other tourist spots.IMG_0988

Our favorite ride at Canobie Lake Park: Da Vinci’s Dream. Always best at sunset.IMG_0987 IMG_0991






Old-timey Over the Rainbow.IMG_4663


PHB, GHB, & LHB all contributed to this post


from the top of the ferris wheel


posted by GHB

Hershey Park sure does look exciting from way up high! Me and PHB went on a ride to look above Hershey park, the ferris wheel!!! This is a picture i took from almost the top of the ride. Sadly PHB’s fear of heights got the better of her and she mostly stared at the bottom of the car. LHB sat this one out viewing from the bottom. I thought it was awesome to see the park from above. Later in the ride all the lights turned on. Sadly the lights on the ferris wheel seemed to be broken and were pretty disappointing.


PHB snapped this picture of a ride called the Flying Falcons, while we were riding.  The base turns around, the cars spin, all the groups of cars spin, and you go up and down the post. Just like the Comet, this is one of the rides that I had to coax LHB to go on. PHB calls me the Thrill Seeker.


The third ride we went on was the Comet, a roller coaster that went on many steep hills. Like a lot of rides LHB had to be persuaded to get on. But after, she ended up liking 95% of them. The line was long but it was worth it — the coaster goes up then down a steep hill then loops around, goes up another BIG hill but not as steep as the first one, then it goes on a series of smaller hills that are really bumpy. It looped around, one more big hill, then takes you back. PHB luckily snapped this picture of us as we were going up one of the larger hills. We are in the 3rd row from the bottom!


This is a picture of a ride called the Lightning Racers, from the top of the ferris wheel.  I went on this roller coaster 3 times, including once after dark, with the lights on! LHB went on it twice with me, both times during the day.  The cool thing about this ride is that there are two cars and two side by side tracks, like twins, ha ha! It’s basically a race between the two cars – one is red and one is green. The red one turns you on your side a lot and the green one has a lot more hills. In my opinion, the green one is programmed to win the race every time.

skeeballHershey Park was so awesome.  I’m glad I got to go there! On our way out of the park we picked up some skeeball prizes. LHB and I got small stuffed giraffes, and PHB got a stuffed Hershey Kiss!  After that we took the shuttle bus back to the Hershey Lodge and collapsed.


lightning racer