snapshots from maine

We haven’t blogged much this year, but our annual weekend at Ferry Beach near Saco, Maine is a favorite subject for photos and blog posts.

We went from a super soggy Saturday of rain and fog, to a spectacularly sunny Sunday for walking the beach.

Here are some favorite shots from our walks around Ferry Beach camp and Camp Ellis.







There were some fun indoor things to do during the really rainy parts of the weekend, including LHB and friends leading a yoga session and both the girls appearing in the Goodwill Fashion Show portion of the traditional Talent/No Talent Show.


Namaste. And happy autumn!



our mornings in maine

More photos from our great weekend at Ferry Beach, in Saco, Maine.



20131008-153152.jpgbrave new dune grass.










saving the beach one blade of grass at a time

Here at beautiful Ferry Beach with our annual church retreat and we are joining the beach association to plant dune grass.

GHB and LHB making an excellent team with friend Megan and M’s dad John. This will preserve the dunes for the Maine plovers, and help save the beach from powerful erosion – for all of us!

After breakfast we all just hung out on the beach enjoying the mild weather and hoping for more sunshine to punch through the clouds.

M’s brother Conard started an epic moated castle while other folks strolled and put up a kite.
Yesterday we had a gorgeous drive up here in the B Bus with Megan, Conard and mom Amy. Even the interstate was lovely because the fall color in NH and Maine is at perfect blaze this weekend. And we arrived in Saco just before dark, in time for spectacular views of the salt marshes along the road to Ferry Beach, glassy and full in the fading light. We didn’t get a pic to share but we took memory photos!


cold up north

I guess it was our first post-Chicago road trip.  We went to southern Maine for the weekend, to a beautiful spot between Saco and Old Orchard Beach.  Didn’t actually feel like a road trip, because it was such a short drive.  But it might as well have been, because it took me SO LONG to pack the car!  I don’t know why it is that we end up hauling just as much stuff for a short weekend, as we do for a whole week during the summer.

It was deceptively warm both before and after this little jaunt, though, so we had to take piles of extra jackets, blankets, hats, gloves, mittens, etc.   Friday was mild here in Arlington, but that night the first hard frost was predicted, and we were headed for a camp facility right on the coast with unheated dorm rooms.  So we loaded up on all things fleece, and hit the road.  We were thrilled to have a 4th grade friend along for the ride, and there was a lot of singing and silliness.  Her parents and brother left later, and met us up there.  We drove in tandem with Allison and the dudes and this made the ride go quickly since we were tracking each other all the way up 95.  Mainly she followed us, which was good, since I don’t really have a fix on what her new car looks like.  But the B bus is a cinch to follow.  And I’ve gotten over the betrayal of her recent trade-up from minivan (she dissed the minivan! said it was no good for her burgeoning social life… hmph) to chic Kia SUV.

We had a hilarious dinner at Rosalinda’s Family Restaurant in Saco, Maine – me, Allison, and 6 kids ages 4 through 9. Good conversation about plot and pacing in Harry Potter vs. The Hobbit.  Also the relative nutritional merits of gravy and sweet’n’sour sauce.  The food was yummy and there were no Major Incidents, in spite of our table being the only one with diners under the age of 45.  We arrived at our destination after dark, and the temperature was at least 30 degrees colder than it had been earlier in the day.  A cold night, but then we woke up to this amazing beach, high tide, and brilliant morning sunshine.

In fact, it was a pretty brief taste of winter.  We bundled up for an early morning walk on the beach, but by late afternoon the sun was keeping us warm enough for some to go barefoot in the surf.

Hardy New England children!  The water was COLD, make no mistake.  But the weekend was warm in all the ways that count, and we loved our first encounter with magical Ferry Beach.