christmas lights

tree2We’ve had such a busy time since Thanksgiving, and not much bandwidth for blogging. But we have been decking the halls, dancing in the jazzy Dance Place Nutcracker, and dealing with SNOW. Here’s a look at some bright lights of our holiday season…from the B Bus view in the driveway, to the Chevalier Theater and travels beyond.


GHB dancing up a storm of flurries, in the land of the snow queen… and both of the girls in the Waltz of the Flowers


Tree shopping shenanigans…



Snowbound lights and our main road is blanketed


Plow going by Santaland next door…
xmas snow

Giant wreath @ Union Station, Washington DC


and Fenway Park on the Christmas tree!




LHB brings you a brand new sister blog for The B Bus

photo (7)

Like books? LHB is excited to invite B Bus fans over to The Reading Penguin, her new book blog. (Click the blue words linking directly to other blog content).

Her first post tells a little bit about what kinds of books she likes, and she’s got a new review up today!


LHB has been very busy this fall; she made and sold PUFFLES at the school craft fair, and she had a great soccer season, playing well in all positions, especially goalkeeper!


Plus she is tap dancing, rehearsing for our dance studio’s spectacular Nutcracker show, singing with the Arlington Treble Chorus, and having fun with her Girl Scout troop (ack! cookie sales are coming….).

soccer girls in treeAfter the final game of the season, in which LHB had a big goal, GHB showed the team her treetop vantage point where she’d been watching the game from afar.



B pumpkin

Well, they did it. People often say that Red Sox & New England fans are sort of “scary” fanatical, when we talk about growing up here and growing up as citizens of Red Sox Nation.  There’s no two ways about it — if you are like GHB and LHB and you grow up here, the Sox are an integral part of the infrastructure of your everyday world.  Here’s yet another B pumpkin — this one we spotted while trick or treating on Mt. Gilboa on the night after the big win, and two days before we’d see the World Series trophy placed in homage on the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

On Monday I stopped by GHB’s classroom at the end of the day and noticed this corner for the first time:


That’s the front page of the Globe from the 2004 World Series win, along with the front page of the sports section from the same edition and a mini shrine of Fenway memorabilia and ephemera. We have that same front page stashed somewhere in a file cabinet in the basement, and we’ve got a fridge magnet of it, too.You can tell the newspapers have been up there for a decade – they’re yellow and faded and tired looking (our magnet’s pretty faded too). But the corner is not dusty and a lot of the items are new.  It’s an active, living, continually curated permanent collection that is equal parts tribute and inspiration and fun for the kids who sit in this classroom every day.  I don’t really think they are blase’ about a third World Series championship in their 10- or 11-year-old lifetimes. I think they see this kind of thing, and the way parents and teachers talk about the Sox, and they know they are part of an epic tradition, rooting for a worst-to-first kind of legendary baseball team.


“a magical unicorn, flown by david ortiz…”

We keep thinking we’ve read the best, funniest, most hyperbolic column or blog post on the subject of the Sox in the 2013 series. Worst to first. On the brink of the biggest win at Fenway since 1918. Etc.

As we await Game 6, I ran across this piece of epic sportswriting in today’s old-school hard-copy Wall Street Journal over lunch in the conference room at my office. Where, needless to say, most of my co-workers are more than a little distracted by looking out the window and assessing the rain clouds. (Said clouds, of course, scheduled to depart on cue in time for tonight’s game at Fenway.)

Posting Jason Gay’s wonderful piece, via, in new-school online form – but just as much fun to read. I mean really, didn’t I start talking about Red Sox history in light of the 10-year-old fans, sometime last week? 😉


Also this incredibly cute photo of my nephew, GHB and LHB’s cousin Ollie (age 6), from 2005, when he played for a Little League team called the Red Sox. At least I think that was why he’s wearing red socks. He’s 14 now, and a starting pitcher. Time flies. But I hear he’s rooting for our Sox!


another B: a pumpkin in honor of the pick off


In honor of the incredible game-ending play by Koji last night (Game 4 in St. Louis), a seasonal holiday decoration from the annual Spooky Walk in Arlington, courtesy of friend and neighbor ATC who snapped the pic.

Go Sox!!


chilly / spooky


A non-Red Sox post, as we await Game 3 in St. Louis tonight. Last year heading into Halloween was so warm, SUNNY / SPOOKY was our theme. This year we are feeling the bite of the first hard frost, and breaking out the hats and mittens for night hikes at Science Camp (GHB & LHB) and sitting sideline at weekend soccer games (PHB).

And our favorite iconic town center tree is bare, wearing its winter guise already. We documented the change by snapping pics when we could from the windows of the B Bus on our way by every day, starting in late September:

trees3 tree2

tree1 tree5

tree4 tree6

We’ve got costumes to finish and treats to bake. The girls are rehearsing with their friends for the dance place Nutcracker show, and with the arrival of Halloween week I feel the year ebbing and dimming as we flow steadily towards the bright loud blare of holiday season. Living in New England makes these juxtapositions acute and compelling.

cemetery light star

the Center from under the 1st Parish tree

(our tree seen from underneath, wore more yellow, less orange, last fall)


growing up red sox


Watching Game 6 of the ALCS after a busy Saturday here of soccer, dance, and assembling gear for Science Camp next week. The girls are intensely focused on the game, calling out the pitch count to each other if someone has to leave the room for a minute. Maybe it’s GHB’s softball experience, maybe just growing up, but they can really follow the game now, and it’s much more fun to watch with them! We dug around to find some “historic” photos of LHB and GHB showing their colors as Red Sox believers.


GHB first game @ Fenway 2009


LHB first game @ Fenway, 2009


Welcoming cousins O & P to Boston, ca. 2007.


Grade 3 with special guest

Grade 3 with special guest Tim Wakefield, 2012



a decade of big papi


The excitement continues here for the B Bus gals and everyone else in Red Sox nation. Game 4 tonight in Detroit, after the last 2 incredible, nail-biting, games. We were in the car after volleyball and dance, listening on the radio last night when Napoli homered to put the winning – and only – run on the scoreboard for the game. It was so much fun to see the kids really “get” the magic of baseball on the radio for the first time. Quiet listening to the pitch count and daunting strikeout stats for our team in this series, and then suddenly a huge hit and happy shrieking in the B Bus.

GHB is wearing her Big Papi shirt as she heads off to school – he has been playing for the Sox since 2003, which is the year the girls were born, and she has had a #34 shirt in teeny, then tiny, and then smallish but increasingly larger sizes, for her entire life. This one is a treasured World Series champions shirt from 2007, worn for luck today. I remember the 2004 team so clearly – it’s hard for me to believe he is the only one left from the historic curse-reversing year. LHB & GHB were asleep near midnight on Sunday night when his grand slam HR made Fenway history, but we hope to see more Big Papi moments this week!

the B is for… the RED SOX!


Minutes away from the first pitch of Game 1 of the ALCS at Fenway and we are inspired to post some of our best ‘B’ photos. (Or at least some of the ones I can find, since we are mid-transition to our new iMac and the photo stream is sort of out of control right now). There is more excitement in Red Sox Nation now than in any other time since we started blogging. We’re hoping that Sox-tober will get even more exciting in the coming days. Go Sox!!


At Fenway in August

road13 Ohio Turnpike


Seneca Falls, NY

FerryB4 Saco, Maine


the mighty Mississippi


meet the new B (remnants of the 2007 B still stuck to the car)