Our “historic” Massachusetts snow report

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We haven’t been here at the blog much – we’re still in the B bus all the time, but now that the girls are in middle school, our use of social media has changed dramatically. While I still love the WordPress platform, blogs are actually becoming sort of old school. I’m experimenting with Twitter (@theotherpamela and @pamelaJCHS), and GHB and LHB are very active Instagrammers. Also, they are operating in a comprehensive online Google-world that is fully integrated with their school curriculum and assignments. But once in a while it’s nice to use the blog format to post a bunch of pictures or tell a particular story.


This month, the story is EPIC SNOW.  The kind of snow that is commonplace in Canada and parts of the Midwest, but that, over a short span of weeks, is literally paralyzing the high-density metro region in which we live. I loved it when my favorite local weather guy blogged about the snow stats and history, and took us back to the journals of Cotton Mather, to find so much snow falling on Boston in so little time!

snow day

looking outside during the beginning of the first blizzard, January 24

I have worked at Harvard for over 20 years and this past week was the first time ever in that time that the university was closed/classes cancelled for two days in a row. Our beloved “T” system has been laid low. Travel and parking bans and many many days of missed school.  My commute time is more than doubled, with traffic into and out of Cambridge forced to inch and crawl along the narrowed streets.

Claustrophobic driving: can you find the parking meter?

Claustrophobic driving: can you find the parking meter?


Sidewalk in front of the house, looking towards crosswalk


photo (2)

a screen shot from my Instagram on Wednesday

Everyone constantly comparing notes about the state of their driveways, ice dams on their roofs, and salt snakes.  We’ve been taking lots of photos, and thought we’d share some as we hunker down for what is, I think, the 4th major storm in 3 weeks, set to begin this afternoon. We’ve been outside every day trying to hack away at the frozen drifts to widen our driveway access enough to keep using it even if/when we get more snow.


GHB out with the shovel

Good news for today is that the sun is shining this morning and the girls will spend a couple of hours outdoors on a snowshoe walk with the girl scouts, before we get snowbound again.


In between storms, at the beginning of the week I had to go to Washington, DC for work. I took some pictures of our epic snow from the air, as we made the approach to Logan. It was dramatic how heavy the blanket of snow looked from the air, erasing all color from the landscape so that the photos look black and white even though they’re not.

7 6 5

Oh, it’s also Valentine’s Day – happy heart day!!



4 thoughts on “Our “historic” Massachusetts snow report

  1. Hi Girls!!! Happy to hear from you.
    I, am also bracing for the next BIG storm!
    I returned from Florida on Thursday, Feb. 5th. Renee picked me up at Logan. It dropped to
    5 degrees later that night! What a shock, but I was happy to be back at home in time to
    celebrate my Mom’s 95th Birthday last Saturday!
    I spoke with Cliff this morning. He is playing golf this afternoon. The temp will be 65!

    Happy Valentine’s Day from one girl to another!!!!

    Stay WARM Hugs to everyone!!! Roz

  2. A snow that is historic in New Englander terms is historic indeed! I hope you are all safe and warm inside today and tonight. Snow is one thing, but it looks like you are getting high winds with it as well. Take care!

  3. Many thanks for this best-ever post and the spectacular pictures. So happy to know you (and your roof & siding) are up to this historic challenge.
    Stay warm, dry, and happy and Be My Valentines!
    Much love,

  4. So glad to hear from you and to see all your amazing pictures. Oregon is its usual rainy, gray self this winter and the Cascades are not getting the snow we need for happy skiing.

    Dave and Tina have moved in with me after selling their house. Very busy at the restaurant and particularly today. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and stay warm and cozy.

    Love, Aunt Pam

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