all that remains

all that remains

This year’s January thaw has been quite dramatic. Just a week or so ago I posted the pics of our arctic adventure and we had well over a foot of snow on the ground. I got the flu, and New England got a crazy warm spell, with temperatures nearly reaching 60 degrees yesterday, and accompanied by torrential downpours and even some thunder.

Today was seasonably chilly, windy and sunny. The Christmas trees littering the curbs all over Arlington started to blow over and into the road. Weird, ungainly tumbleweeds. We pulled ours back away from the street to wait for the pickup (delayed by the storm, they are supposed to be picked up for chipping/mulching this week). The last patch of snow out there where the B bus lives is filthy and grimy. When most of it melted, we also found Halloween remnants: the pumpkins I meant to chop up for foraging wildlife. I actually don’t know if that’s a good idea or not (would be nice if a bunny wants a nibble, but we wouldn’t want to make a buffet for raccoons…), so I suppose it’s just as well they’re just sitting there thawing.

xmas endThe light in January feels a bit harsh at times. It’s not that I’m not refreshed by seeing a little more daylight every day. But it can shed a daunting glare on all the undone post-holiday chores. The tree is out but the Ghost of Christmas past is still haunting the house with bits and pieces and bins. I rather like not having to primp or decorate our space for anything at the moment – we’re just living in it, taking 2014 one day at a time.



3 thoughts on “all that remains

  1. So sorry to learn of flu. Hope you are much better by now. (CH has multiple cases, complete quarantine of 2nd floor, and cancellation of all group activities and meetings). Local weather continues 65+ each day, lots of sunshine. Love to all, Dad

  2. “Putting away Christmas” always makes me sad. I like to have my house back to rights — but boo-hoo, the party’s really over now, isn’t it? I defeat my blues by saving all the snowflake ornaments and hanging them on my ficus, then I put bowls of pine cones and red berries and silver candles in crystal candlesticks everywhere, and it’s a new kind of festive. My own winter wonderland, right in the living room.

    Hope you’re feeling better, my friend!

    • We’ve now got some flowering bulbs growing madly, to brighten up the post-holiday lack of festive decor. And now we’re close enough to February to bust out the super-cheery Valentine decorations. We still do homemade valentines and hang up a lot of kooky, crafty hearts & flowers.

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