happy new year from the intrepid explorers


Last night it was below zero in Arlington and the snow had been blowing all day. With two extra vacation days brought to us courtesy of this new year nor’easter, it was prime time for sleepovers, so we walked GHB down Summer Street and around the corner to a pal’s house. LHB and her pal sherpa’ed, and the snow was as dry and diamond bright as I have ever seen it.


There was talk of exploring the Yukon, even though we waited for the walk signal at the intersection. It just felt that fun and adventurous.

This morning we shoveled and did some makeshift yard-sledding. It’s really still too cold (it’s 9, I think) to head over to the windy sledding hill at McLennen. Fortunately, the whole weekend still lies ahead!

Happy New Year from the frozen north.






4 thoughts on “happy new year from the intrepid explorers

  1. Hi: I was just about to email you to make sure you were all OK…blizzard and below zero seem really harsh from here! You are all incredibly intrepid, valiant and acclimated in ways I’m not sure I could be. I do remember walking up the middle of Park Ave. with my mother after a blizzard that cut Manhattan off from its other boroughs and it was such a great adventure, so glad to hear you are making the most of what nature is dishing out this winter. We are in a drought…haven’t seen rain in months! Very much love to you all and I hope you have the snow tires! Have talked with Aunt P and she hopes to see photos of the two PHBs, as do I! Mom

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