LHB brings you a brand new sister blog for The B Bus

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Like books? LHB is excited to invite B Bus fans over to The Reading Penguin, her new book blog. (Click the blue words linking directly to other blog content).

Her first post tells a little bit about what kinds of books she likes, and she’s got a new review up today!


LHB has been very busy this fall; she made and sold PUFFLES at the school craft fair, and she had a great soccer season, playing well in all positions, especially goalkeeper!


Plus she is tap dancing, rehearsing for our dance studio’s spectacular Nutcracker show, singing with the Arlington Treble Chorus, and having fun with her Girl Scout troop (ack! cookie sales are coming….).

soccer girls in treeAfter the final game of the season, in which LHB had a big goal, GHB showed the team her treetop vantage point where she’d been watching the game from afar.



3 thoughts on “LHB brings you a brand new sister blog for The B Bus

  1. So happy to hear about all your activities. We are celebrating Thanksgiving today so that we can eat a meal with Robin and Mimi who will be going for Thanksgiving on Thursday to their partners families. Have made pies and we expect to have about 14 people at Dave and Tinas for great meal tonight. Looking forward to being in NY over Christmas and expect to see you then.
    Much love, GAP.

  2. I just visited “The Reading Penguin” and am impressed at the design of the blog and the keen insights in the book reviews. Bravo, LHB!

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