“a magical unicorn, flown by david ortiz…”

We keep thinking we’ve read the best, funniest, most hyperbolic column or blog post on the subject of the Sox in the 2013 series. Worst to first. On the brink of the biggest win at Fenway since 1918. Etc.

As we await Game 6, I ran across this piece of epic sportswriting in today’s old-school hard-copy Wall Street Journal over lunch in the conference room at my office. Where, needless to say, most of my co-workers are more than a little distracted by looking out the window and assessing the rain clouds. (Said clouds, of course, scheduled to depart on cue in time for tonight’s game at Fenway.)

Posting Jason Gay’s wonderful piece, via wsj.com, in new-school online form – but just as much fun to read. I mean really, didn’t I start talking about Red Sox history in light of the 10-year-old fans, sometime last week? 😉


Also this incredibly cute photo of my nephew, GHB and LHB’s cousin Ollie (age 6), from 2005, when he played for a Little League team called the Red Sox. At least I think that was why he’s wearing red socks. He’s 14 now, and a starting pitcher. Time flies. But I hear he’s rooting for our Sox!



4 thoughts on ““a magical unicorn, flown by david ortiz…”

  1. I read Jason Gay’s article this morning and had the same reaction. His articles tend to have this great sense of voice, but this piece on the Red Sox was one of his best. Here’s hoping that the rain clouds in Boston move out, as they did here in Virginia today, ushering in spell of temperate autumn weather perfect for baseball and Halloween. BTW–I noted Gay’s comment about a Red Sox victory at Fenway on Halloween and was left wondering what kind of “carnivale” that would be like!

  2. dearest Pam, I haven’t been in touch since all this wondrous event took place…but I watched it all and it was so grand. The score was unbelievable. The WSJ piece is great and it fills me with pride that the print journalism still does what no blogs or texting can achieve:tell a wondrous story. Thank you for sending it, I hope to talk with you soon as I am just coming back to life here in CA after all the emotion of my trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. Very much love to you three, mom

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