chilly / spooky


A non-Red Sox post, as we await Game 3 in St. Louis tonight. Last year heading into Halloween was so warm, SUNNY / SPOOKY was our theme. This year we are feeling the bite of the first hard frost, and breaking out the hats and mittens for night hikes at Science Camp (GHB & LHB) and sitting sideline at weekend soccer games (PHB).

And our favorite iconic town center tree is bare, wearing its winter guise already. We documented the change by snapping pics when we could from the windows of the B Bus on our way by every day, starting in late September:

trees3 tree2

tree1 tree5

tree4 tree6

We’ve got costumes to finish and treats to bake. The girls are rehearsing with their friends for the dance place Nutcracker show, and with the arrival of Halloween week I feel the year ebbing and dimming as we flow steadily towards the bright loud blare of holiday season. Living in New England makes these juxtapositions acute and compelling.

cemetery light star

the Center from under the 1st Parish tree

(our tree seen from underneath, wore more yellow, less orange, last fall)



2 thoughts on “chilly / spooky

  1. Crossed fingers for tonight Red Sox and many thanks for your beautiful N.Eng. Fall photos. The spooks are all over!

    Love, mom

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