growing up red sox


Watching Game 6 of the ALCS after a busy Saturday here of soccer, dance, and assembling gear for Science Camp next week. The girls are intensely focused on the game, calling out the pitch count to each other if someone has to leave the room for a minute. Maybe it’s GHB’s softball experience, maybe just growing up, but they can really follow the game now, and it’s much more fun to watch with them! We dug around to find some “historic” photos of LHB and GHB showing their colors as Red Sox believers.


GHB first game @ Fenway 2009


LHB first game @ Fenway, 2009


Welcoming cousins O & P to Boston, ca. 2007.


Grade 3 with special guest

Grade 3 with special guest Tim Wakefield, 2012




6 thoughts on “growing up red sox

  1. Don’ know about what all you girls are doing this morning, but I’ve been singing “Sweet Caroline”!!!!!!
    What a great game last night! I watched by myself , but I felt like I was at Fenway Park!!!
    I loved seeing the old pictures; G and L were quite the fans , even then.
    Can’t wait for Wednesday’s game. We are BOSTON STRONG and ready for those Cardinals!

    • L & G will be at Science Camp this week but hopefully find some way to follow the games even though there will be no screens or radio except for the chaperone’s phones! ^_^ (from LHB!)

      xoxo the B Bus gals

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