a decade of big papi


The excitement continues here for the B Bus gals and everyone else in Red Sox nation. Game 4 tonight in Detroit, after the last 2 incredible, nail-biting, games. We were in the car after volleyball and dance, listening on the radio last night when Napoli homered to put the winning – and only – run on the scoreboard for the game. It was so much fun to see the kids really “get” the magic of baseball on the radio for the first time. Quiet listening to the pitch count and daunting strikeout stats for our team in this series, and then suddenly a huge hit and happy shrieking in the B Bus.

GHB is wearing her Big Papi shirt as she heads off to school – he has been playing for the Sox since 2003, which is the year the girls were born, and she has had a #34 shirt in teeny, then tiny, and then smallish but increasingly larger sizes, for her entire life. This one is a treasured World Series champions shirt from 2007, worn for luck today. I remember the 2004 team so clearly – it’s hard for me to believe he is the only one left from the historic curse-reversing year. LHB & GHB were asleep near midnight on Sunday night when his grand slam HR made Fenway history, but we hope to see more Big Papi moments this week!


6 thoughts on “a decade of big papi

  1. Love the 2003 twins/Papi connection.
    Hoping for a Boston v. St. Louis World Series.
    Old School.
    Just like the “good old days” when each of
    these great cities had a NL team and an
    AL team, 8 teams in each league, no “playoffs”,
    just World Series between 2 league champions.

  2. I will try to watch some of the game tonight

    I didn’t realize there is such a connection with Daviv Ortiz and the girls!

    Go RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


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