the B is for… the RED SOX!


Minutes away from the first pitch of Game 1 of the ALCS at Fenway and we are inspired to post some of our best ‘B’ photos. (Or at least some of the ones I can find, since we are mid-transition to our new iMac and the photo stream is sort of out of control right now). There is more excitement in Red Sox Nation now than in any other time since we started blogging. We’re hoping that Sox-tober will get even more exciting in the coming days. Go Sox!!


At Fenway in August

road13 Ohio Turnpike


Seneca Falls, NY

FerryB4 Saco, Maine


the mighty Mississippi


meet the new B (remnants of the 2007 B still stuck to the car)



5 thoughts on “the B is for… the RED SOX!

  1. How cool that you are at the game! Those Tigers are a tough team. I saw them play the Nationals during inter-league play, and they have some heavy hitters. But I’ve seen the Red Sox play, too, and I know they are the better team. Go Sox!

    • Oops, the post does make it sound as if we might have been at the game… but actually, I was watching at home in the company of 4 10-year-olds (sleepover Saturday). The game was at Fenway, but sadly we were not. 🙂 And yes, this seems certain to be a tough series!

  2. Watched the game out west where it was a reasonable hour and a truly exciting game although the best team did not win. Looking forward to more. Go Sox

  3. Sorry for everyone that the Red Sox lost last night’s game. But, it’s still exciting that you were there at Fenway Park!!! I remember going to games with my Father when I was a young girl and Ted Williams was on the team! Wow, that was a long time ago! Let,s hope the team does better tonight.

    • Yes, hoping for a win tonight!! Sorry to mislead everyone with unclear post – I was trying to say that the game was about to start at Fenway but not that we were there in person! :-/ we watched on tv.

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