saving the beach one blade of grass at a time

Here at beautiful Ferry Beach with our annual church retreat and we are joining the beach association to plant dune grass.

GHB and LHB making an excellent team with friend Megan and M’s dad John. This will preserve the dunes for the Maine plovers, and help save the beach from powerful erosion – for all of us!

After breakfast we all just hung out on the beach enjoying the mild weather and hoping for more sunshine to punch through the clouds.

M’s brother Conard started an epic moated castle while other folks strolled and put up a kite.
Yesterday we had a gorgeous drive up here in the B Bus with Megan, Conard and mom Amy. Even the interstate was lovely because the fall color in NH and Maine is at perfect blaze this weekend. And we arrived in Saco just before dark, in time for spectacular views of the salt marshes along the road to Ferry Beach, glassy and full in the fading light. We didn’t get a pic to share but we took memory photos!



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