parked in the driveway


3,601 miles since our Massachusetts to the Mississippi adventure began, the B Bus is home again tonight. We can’t believe we were only away two weeks — the weeds out in front of the house, along with leggy sunflowers and out-of-control hostas, are giving everything a very Jurassic Park look (this an especially apt comment by friend and neighbor ATC). But in spite of epic amounts of weeding (and laundry) to be done, we are happy to be home. It was an unforgettable road trip loaded with wonderful experiences, places, people, and creatures.  But we’re all a little travel-weary, and glad to have a week to settle in at home before school starts.

I learned a lot from being on the road with GHB and LHB. They are genuine road warriors now, accomplished at navigating everything from Google maps to strange towns, new situations and unfamiliar food choices. It was a great way to mark our milestone birthdays together. We hope to post some more of our stories and pictures in the coming days, but for now we’re enjoying the chance to stop and rest!



Cumberland, MD


4 thoughts on “parked in the driveway

  1. Congratulations milestone road warriors and welcome home! So glad to hear you have some time to relax before beginning the new school year. Wow…. what a great vacation and thanks for all the wonderful blogging and pictures we really enjoyed reading and hearing about the trip as it was happening. Hope to see you all over the holidays until then sending big hugs from Vermont
    Mima & Elisa

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