across alabama but still on the banks of the tennessee

We are poised to see the mighty Mississippi tomorrow, which will be the westernmost point on our journey. Today we hit our southernmost points during our drive along “blue highway” 72 across most of northern Alabama. For 8 miles right outside Chattanooga we were actually in Georgia, and then we were also in the northeast corner of Mississippi for a while this afternoon before turning north to stop for the night at Pickwick Landing State Park right over the state line in Tennessee, and also along the Tennessee River.

It rained for most of our driving time and at one point we veered off of 72; my course correction involved traveling south down AL 101 and over the WPA Wheeler Dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1936. It was deserted and eerie in the pouring rain – like stepping back in time.

More history at Shiloh, TN where we arrived at the national park battlefield site close to closing time and saw the giant flag lowered.

More eerily deserted landscape, this one memorializing one of the US Civil War’s most infamously bloody battles with soldiers from both sides buried in mass graves.

Without intending to, we’ve developed a Civil War thread for this trip, in part perhaps because we hear this may be part of 5th grade social studies.

Sort of an anticlimactic and quiet day of driving and roadside vistas after coming down out of the Smokies and the thrilling visit to the Tennessee Aquarium yesterday. We’re still on the river, here tonight at the Pickwick Landing Inn in Pickwick Dam.
More off-interstate driving tomorrow, and we will see the big big river!

Highway 22 southeast of Shiloh.



One thought on “across alabama but still on the banks of the tennessee

  1. Wow! Your trip continues to amaze and fill me with admiration for all you are accomplishing with your daughters. A trip for the ages…and you could make it a book. What a wondrous itinerary you planned. Can’t wait to read about the father of all rivers!

    Very much love to you all, mom

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