a day of wonderful animals

posted by LHB

Almost ready to turn around and go head back Northeast  on our road trip, the B Bus took a stop in Chatanooga, TN. While there we went to a very exciting place full of fuzzy, adorable creatures, scaly, slimy creatures, and much, much more. I bet you’re thinking we went to a zoo, huh? Well guess again my friend. This stop was at the Tennessee Aquarium. an aquarium with not only fish , rays, sharks, jellyfish and other typical aquarium residents, but this aquarium also housed butterflies, macaws, alligators, turtles,snakes, and other seemingly out of place animals.


This picture is of a bridge that crossed a river called the tennessee river right out side the aquarium’s ocean journey building. The brige was the market street bridge and it was apparently important in the civil war as david’s crossing. It was also a pretty  important location for the Cherokee trade.


Here is a picture of a funky colored ray from the aquarium’s ocean building. The aquarium has two buildings, one full of ocean animals (plus macaws and snakes) and one River building full of river animals, but it would take forever to list all the animals in this building!

My favorite animal in the Ocean building which was named Ocean Journey, would have had to be a tie between the blue macaws, the funky rays and the bonnethead shark.


This is my favorite animal in the entire aquarium. He is the River Otter and his name is Dale. I loved this guy so much that I visited him twice and I took tons of pictures and video but this was the best still shot. He looks better in the videos! I loved this otter before I found out his name is Dale. I called him Riggy. I bought a stuffed otter in the gift shop and also named him Riggy.

I started the day yesterday with ranch animals such as horses, cows, and turkeys (!?!) up at Catalooche Ranch in North Carolina and ended the day with a bunch of awesome ocean and river animals in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What a day of animals!




3 thoughts on “a day of wonderful animals

  1. LHB
    Happy to have your great post. Noted with interest background riverboat.
    I fly to Chattanooga 9/20 to board paddlewheel steamboat The American Queen
    for cruise on Tennessee, Ohio & Mississippi Rivers to St Louis. Would give
    anything if you all could be with me.
    Love to you, GHB, Mom, Riggy and the rest of your traveling party,

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