the B Bus is running a little late


This picture is from Wednesday morning. Yes, we had to get towed. Car trouble on a road trip isn’t fun but we were very fortunate to be in a safe location and wait for AAA in a supermarket parking lot. Just a quick post — using the wordpress app on my phone for the first time! — to say all is well, and I am posting from the warm and gracious home of second cousins I’ve not seen in far too many years, in Chapel Hill, NC. We’ve been accompanied by JLB for these VA and NC legs since Tuesday night. Lots of family history explored and documented – more about that later!

Last night was a boisterous (for the four girls) and happy reunion for 3 generations of cousins and second cousins, including totally awesome Sarah and Megan (10 and 12) who we were meeting for the first time, MUCH to the joy and delight of GHB and LHB.

We have been offline and playing catch-up with the B Bus itinerary since we had an unanticipated lengthy layover in Warrenton, VA for brake repairs. In spite of the delay and altered driving schedule we’ve still managed to see and do a lot. We’re incredibly grateful for the chance to rest and reunite with family. The B Bus is back out on the road and we have lots of pics and stories to share.


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