the legend of the B Bus

posted by LHB

On august eleventh 2013 the B Bus took a stop for Brunch on the first day of our road trip on our way to Hershey PA. That stop happened to be in a very historical and superstitious town – do you have an idea of what town it may have been? Well that stop was in the town of Sleepy Hollow right next to Tarrytown, on the Hudson River in New York. I bet you did not guess that huh?? Once we got there we ate brunch at a restaraunt called the Horseman. It’s slogan picture is the headless horseman carrying a dinner platter as shown below.


After we ate lunch we drove up the road and walked around the Old Dutch Church Graveyard, the one in the story and where Washington Irving was buried. In fact there was a whole Irving plot and it was ginormous!! It was fenced in  though, and Washington Irving was at the center of the plot, so we could not get very close. After we found our way out of the cemetery, we walked over to the spot where the Headless Horseman’s bridge used to be. It did not get torn down but it got lost to time. The replacement they built sounds like horse hooves when driven on!!!


After that we got back in the car and drove out of Sleepy Hollow, but this story shall be known forever as the legend of the B Bus.

posted by  LHB      ^_^


2 thoughts on “the legend of the B Bus

  1. Sleepy Hollow in New York. Headless Horseman on the Hudson River in New York. The Legend of the B Bus. Great start to your vacation, and I love the alliteration! Ok, you guys are making my August fun!

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