all packed and ready to go

posted by GHB

11x17 roadtrip map PDF 2013At 6:00 in the morning on August 11, 2013 we will embark on our amazing journey! The B Bus will roll along to the Mississippi River and back. Our first stop: Hershey, Pennsylvania. We will go to Hershey Park and I want to eat LOTS of chocolate!

LHB and I have full duffel bags and backpacks of stuff to take with us: contents including fuzzy friends, Nooks, iPod shuffles, books, and a lot of other crazy fun stuff. We will be riding in the car for many hours over the next couple of weeks.

At the top there’s a map of our route that shows where we’re planning to go. Along the way we will meet friends and family including some cousins I’ve never met before.

This is gonna be great!



7 thoughts on “all packed and ready to go

  1. You are terrific! May it all go beautifully, please keep us posted and give our love to all our cousins and my dear friend Janie as you go. Very much love and Via con Dios


  2. Genevieve,
    Can’t wait to see you day after tomorrow!
    Last night Emmy had great birthday party for Theo; this morning
    baptisms for your 4 cousins. They are eager to
    see you in KY.
    Love to you, L, and Mom.

  3. Thinking of you all as you head out. Hope today was smooth sailing–eat some chocolate for us! And don’t forget to start looking for Goo Goo clusters when you get close to TN. (Okay, the truth is that they sell them at all Cracker Barrels, but those used to be just in the South, too.) Looking forward to seeing your posts! Amy (aka Megan’s mom aka Mrs. A aka Miss Amy–that’s once you’re south of the Mason-Dixon!)

  4. You’re so lucky you get to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania! It kind of stinks that you have to be in the car for so long, but it will be worth it. From, Megan
    P.S. Will you bring back some chocolate for me? ; )

    • this is GHB replying i promise you Megan you will get chocolate in some way shape or form. Today we went to the real sleepy hollow you know icabod crane the headless horseman. It was so fun

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