growing like weeds


Weeks from turning 10, as this very short summer shoots past the halfway point, GHB and LHB look really BIG all of a sudden. Here we are down in the Center, watering the veggies and flowers planted by their 4th/5th grade Sunday School class in the church Butterfly Garden.



We picked a HOT week for watering duty — this was about 10 days ago, during the massive heat wave. Summer just feels rushed this year. School ended way too late, and then the girls had a week of overnight camp. Suddenly their birthday is a week away and it feels like we’ve only had about 2 weeks of summertime, with a scarce few of those mythical long lazy days. After The Birthday — ten big years, a whole decade of twins! — we’ve only got one more week of camp and work before we head out in the B Bus for our next big roadtripping adventure.


We’re excited about the trip, but it does mean summer’s already winding down to our roadtrip finale. It’s going fast, and they’re growing faster. I just re-read this,  a favorite post by blogger Lindsay Mead about her daughter turning 10. Word.



One thought on “growing like weeds

  1. Tempus really do fugit! 17 days to Dulles Marriott!
    Just back from enriching retreat. Learned much about
    Buddha and The Five Precepts, totally in harmony with
    the insightful Lindsay Mead Russell piece, for which
    many thanks. Can’t wait to be with you and the Big
    Tall girls.
    Love to each,

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