april showers


Rained overnight, so everything was wet, and rainwater is pooling in these shells that stayed out in the garden under the snow all winter.  The quahogs look their best when wet, especially the gorgeous purple insides.  We painted the outsides, down on the Cape last summer — they are not in their natural state! It’s easy to see why the Wampanoags and other tribes used this material for jewelry or wampum.  I just like seeing the shells and knowing that spring will soon give way to the delights of summer.

GHB and LHB usually go clamming at least once while we’re vacationing in Brewster with our friends; I think these shells may actually be from one of the batches that ended up being boiled into a chowder!


Here are a couple of other shots from the just-coming-back-to-life April garden.





3 thoughts on “april showers

  1. Funny you should post this picture of the quahog … I stepped outside this morning to find one just laying on the ground! Don’t know how it got there… since we’re land locked and all … a bit weird. But it did make me think of spring. Thanks for the confirmation!

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