snow adventures part 2


NOTE: The B Bus has been offline since last Thursday, due to our school vacation week trip!  It’s ironic to be sitting in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California at Auntie Lizzie’s house as I post part 2 of the Nemo adventure so belatedly! There’s already fresh snow back in A-town — will we have to dig the B Bus out when we get home…..?

Sadly, the beautiful and epic snowfall is already a dingy mess.  It’s hard to believe this pile at the driveway, which is still waist high, is much diminished by rain and 40-ish temperatures.

nemo10GHB and LHB and Allyson did such a fantastic job (with some help from the plow guy) getting walkways cleared around the house.  A lot of melting has already occurred here, but many sidewalks and crosswalks continue to be nearly impassable. Kids just went back to school Tuesday.


But while they were snowbound at home, LHB and GHB had two full days of nonstop snowy fun!


As I navigated around the drift-narrowed streets of Arlington over a week after the storm, the parking lot piles and poor driving conditions were almost the same as two winters ago when we had record snowfall from many major storms.  Hard to believe this was all from one storm over the one weekend I had to be away from home!




3 thoughts on “snow adventures part 2

  1. I guess I’ll have to move back to Boston to get a good old fashion snow storm!
    Glad you’re enjoying you’re time in California- love to the girls. Rosanne

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