GHB + LHB snow adventures part 1


What GHB and LHB found when they went outside today after Nemo blew through New England.  The drift is as high as an elephant’s eye –



In summer that eye is about as tall as PHB!

Trying to climb over the drift to get in the back yard.


And first look out the front door… WOW moment.

– PHB, LHB, GHB, with thanks to Allyson for the cool photographs!


3 thoughts on “GHB + LHB snow adventures part 1

  1. I get your drift! Am certain if Rogers & Hammerstein had written a musical called “Arlington!”
    the tune “Oh, what a beautiful mornin’!” would have had a line “the snow is as high as an elephant’s eye.”
    Enjoy the sledding. See you Friday at SFO.

  2. Dear PHB and girls: How is life in Arlington after the big snow? The pictures were amazing and I wonder how you got home from the airport on Sunday? Love to all from P #1

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