january thaw


It was over 60 degrees here yesterday!  GHB and LHB are now fretting every morning on the walk to school, about the Missing Snow.  You can overhear kids on the playground holding forth about climate change.  After about 10 days of barely-adequate, incrementally-melting-every-day snow cover, the recent warm-up spelled The End of sledding.  This morning I found what may be the last patches of snow in Arlington, hidden on the back of the hillside at McLennen Park.


Will the B bus see any more sledding or other outdoor winter fun this year?!


The ice in the pond turning to slush.

We are all a little sad about the lack of snow, though I suspect I am more conflicted about it than the girls.  I am happy not to be shoveling the driveway every other morning to get the B bus up our treacherous incline!  Just as I was having that thought we heard the forecast which is for snow and sleet tomorrow.  Once again we live the New England cliche about what to do if you don’t like the weather here (just wait 5 minutes, etc.).




4 thoughts on “january thaw

  1. More beautiful photos. I really think the girls should be told about February. It can be the heaviest snow month – there have been amazing blizzards with enormous amounts of snow to shovel and to have fun in.

    • So true! I have also regaled them with tales of the April Fool’s Day Blizzard and I’m hunting for a photo from Easter 2006 in which 2-year-old GHB and LHB can be seen frolicking on a playground amid snow flurries. Miles to go before we’re done….

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