hogwarts express


Today the B bus subbed in for the Hogwarts Express, and delivered several students to a start-of-term celebration in honor of a pal’s 10th birthday.  GHB and LHB reprised their Moaning Myrtle and Fluffy (the 3-headed dog) costumes.  I am entranced by the cards they made!


Friends arrived wearing robes and finery from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Slytherin went unrepresented today, though in this photo from GHB’s and LHB’s 8th birthday party in summer 2011, you can see one clever guest who came as a green-haired Malfoy.


Counting our movie-under-the stars bash, this was the fourth HP-themed birthday party for the B bus gals.


I think it’s the one theme party parents like almost as much as the kids. Nobody minds the repetition because everyone brings something different to the material.  The bar is high with JK Rowling for inspiration, and families pull out all the stops to produce creative and hilarious versions of the Sorting Hat ritual, Potions class, and Care of Magical Creatures. Today’s Sorting Hat dad (voicing the hat from upstairs via the intercom function on the house phone) deserves a special shout-out for enthusiastic and descriptive commentary! I love seeing how the kids interpret the Hogwarts costumery, especially the homemade details.


But favorite detail today has got to be LHB’s Ravenclaw quote inside the card:

Remember … wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.

Quoth the raven in his speech bubble!



3 thoughts on “hogwarts express

  1. What an awesome event! Congratulations to one and all.
    Heartwarming karma to see CBB’s fine
    needlepoint and monogram once again, too.

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