bleak midwinter?


Just a photo I like from my morning walk through McLennen Park a couple of weeks ago.  Everything looked so wintry and stark.  But it was before the Christmas week snowstorms, and also before the water froze.

Things are looking wintrier in a less appealing way around here this week. Dirty snow piles melting slowly, refreezing at night.  Petrified Christmas trees litter the curbs, and the B bus is covered in salty grime.  Dry and cold, but the dreariness of it manifests post-holiday letdown. GHB and LHB are actively worried there won’t be another snowfall and it’ll be “as bad as last year,” which was the Winter of No Sledding.  My view is — one way or the other, we desperately need fresh snow or a good cleansing rain.  And we have more than enough winter left to get through; “midwinter” being not terribly accurate until sometime around February I suppose!



2 thoughts on “bleak midwinter?

  1. Great imagery, especially the passage about the Christmas trees. As for the prospect of snow–the new data about rising temperatures last year does not bode well for multiple sledding opportunities, even in New England.

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