carpool into the sunset

spy pond1

This afternoon I was on the road in the B bus for a couple of hours. First, the drive from my office, through Harvard Square and over into Arlington.  Seemed to take forever to get up to Peirce, where the girls were fresh from digging snow tunnels on the field.  LHB was headed to dance team with 3 Dance Place buddies, and it was our turn to drive.  Carpool time! We scooted around McLennen, then up over Gilboa and across Mass Ave to the other side of the Heights, gathering passengers until we had a carful.  Then across A-town to the Dance Place, where everyone got out except GHB, who is back to being a hip hop-only girl, post-Nutcracker.

All of this was entirely unremarkable, except that it seemed like I was in the car a long time.  But you never know when an in-town adventure, or an extravagant sunset, may be waiting around the corner, even during a simple carpool drive.  As we turned away from Broadway to head back west towards home, we saw the twilight sky was turning an incredible mix of purple, pink and orange.   We both had the same thought:  where can we get a better view, and see past the Mass Ave buildings?  The nearest open space was Spy Pond.

spy pond1-001

The light was fading quickly as we drove, and we wanted to see if we could get a picture. We stopped in the middle of the road on Pond Lane to take this one through the windshield.

spy pond2

And then we were down at the park by the playground.  Epic!

spy pond3

spy pond4

More photos down at the pond itself.  These two were taken by GHB.   She just asked me if we could do some fun effects with the photos — but we realized that in this case the colors in the raw photos are better than any instagram-ish effects we could add. It’s just the All-Natural Magnificent Winter Sky effect!

What a great way to end my shift behind the wheel of the B bus today.



4 thoughts on “carpool into the sunset

  1. Thank you, there are no sunsets like the sunsets I remember from Gloucester…reminiscent of these gorgeous ones…Even though you are on the east Coast, the sun works it wonders there in incomparable ways. Thanks to Vivi for taking such beautiful pictures and capturing the moment! Love mom/emmy

  2. Thanks for another great ride with you on the B Bus and a gorgeous sunset.
    Look forward to sharing one with you here on the Left Coast in a few weeks.

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