new york city nutcracker


by GHB

As we stepped into the lobby of the theater in Lincoln Center we became part of the sea of people trying to get to their seats in the auditorium. We went into an elevator and up to the fourth balcony. The fourth balcony! There were five balconys so we were seated on the second highest one. We went past the guard and to our seats. Me and my sister were sitting in the front row of the balcony.


In ten minutes the lights dimmed and the show started. Marie and Fritz were fighting over who got to look through the key hole at the christmas party decorations. Then the guests arrived. The set lifted for the next scene and I saw the tree. Then the children started dancing. Next came Drossilmire. He and two other men brought out three giant present boxes. Then two opened up.  The jesters! After they had danced the last box opened and out came the doll. She danced perfectly sometimes like a robot and other times she danced like a graceful ballerina.

After they had been taken off Drossilmire handed out gifts. All the girls got dolls but then he handed one of the boys a toy horse and everyone started fighting over it. First another boy stole it then a girl then quick as a flash Drossilmire took it away. The girls started dancing with their dolls while the boys were handed trumpets, drums, and soldier hats. Then all of a sudden the boys led by Fritz barged in and the music got faster and louder. Then the parents picked up all the boys and the music got slower and softer. Then the boys did it again.

After that Drossilmire got out the nutcracker. He made it hover above the children and started cracking nuts and handing them out.  Then he gave it to Marie. Fritz was so jealous he grabbed the nutcracker swung it around and a soft thump is all I heard but he had thrown it on the floor.  Marie cried and Drossilmire picked up the nutcracker and tied his handkerchief around its jaw while Fritz’s mother scolded him. Drossilmire put the nutcracker in a dolls bed and then everyone walked off the stage. That was the end of the party scene and after that there would be the battle scene and Snow scene then Marie and the prince would arrive in the land of the sweets but this is all I have time to tell you about this wonderful show. I personally think it is better than the one here in Boston.




2 thoughts on “new york city nutcracker

  1. So very glad you all got to see Nutcracker at Lincoln Center –
    AND that you are back home safe and sound.
    Happy, Happy New Year &

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