The big apple (circus)


by LHB

One afternoon in NYC we went to the Big Apple Circus. It was our third time at the Big Apple. The theme this year was the first Big Top.  It was mostly different performers than there was last year. First, a man went on the flying trapeez. I had a seat right on the side, so I saw the man who tugged the guy’s secret harness up and down, so he could do his act safely.

Next,  was the horses. At first, all they did was run around the ring, but, all of a sudden, they all came into a line at the middle of the ring and went up on their hind legs! Then, 6 cute little miniature ponies came out and ran behind the bigger horses. (video here!) The miniature ponies left and one by one, so did the big horses. Then, one big horse came back into the ring, and walked once around the ring on its hind legs!!

After that, a woman came out on stage and showed amazing flexibility. One time, she basicaly made her body look like a living staircase!!!! I could never do anything that she did then. She shot an arrow into a balloon with her toes! All I could say afterwards was wow. After that, a man came on and did a slack rope act. He even unicycled on it!

Then, it was intermission. I got some cotton candy. After intermission, a man went on and rode around the ring in a giant hoop. After the hoop rider, they represented the opening of Central Park by doing the dog trainer act. Did you know that all trained dogs of the Big Apple were rescued from shelters and pounds? Well they were! Next in the show, a lady helped us navigate the Erie Canal by doing aerial silks. (I don’t really get it either.)

Next, George Leotard came on and showed us the leotard is really helpful to circus performers.  (AKA: he hung from the ceiling by harness and threw and caught a girl who had no harness on). To wrap up the show, they unleashed the trick riders. Trick riding is actually very popular, but not in a way that you would normaly think. Trick riding is actually bicycling! After the cyclists were done, everyone came into the ring and took a bow. Then it was over. We took the subway back to the apartment. I had a blast at the big apple!!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “The big apple (circus)

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time.
    Love the “video here” segment felt like I was really there thanks Lou👍

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