horrible drive!! to NY

by LHB

When we went to New York, almost everything that possibly could have gone wrong, did.  First, my brand new Nook from Santa broke down and we had to spend 30 minutes calling customer service to find out what was wrong.  We had slept in too late anyways, and were in the car almost an hour and a half later than planned. Next, we had to get gas and air in our tires. As we did so, two gas station employees were talking, and one mentioned the worst traffic that he had ever seen was happening in the precise direction we were headed!


After getting through the traffic, and distinguishing it as mall traffic for after christmas sales, the drive went well for a little while. Soon though, the traffic got bad again. Then to make it all worse it started to snow!  The snow got worse and worse, along with the traffic. It was soon dinner time, and everyone was hungry-and more than a little bit cranky. We tried distracting ourselves by calling our cousins in chicago, but all kids were at a Nutcracker and we ended up having PHB yelling into the backseat to talk to our aunt, KAB, while I held the phone.

We soon got off the highway almost at our destination of kingsbury ave New Rochelle NY.  I, as navigator, had to read the directions to PHB so we could get there. PHB had spelled Forest wrong and I told her it was Foost ave and she thought we missed a turn on a hill, but we thankfully did not. After that the only obstacle was if we were going to get back in a car to go to Manhattan, or stay overnight in New Rochelle, as originally planned before second cousin Katie got sick.The drive took 6 hours instead of 3 and a half hours , almost twice as long!  We decided to stay, and it all turned out fine, but the drive to New York was one horrible drive!!!



7 thoughts on “horrible drive!! to NY

  1. Glad you finally arrived safely and are having a fine time now. Also, hope the ride home will be much, much easier. Love GA Pam

  2. Congratulations on your patience, fortitude, navigation, driving, and consummate teamwork. You achieved your goal despite lack of cooperation from Mother Nature. Hope you enjoy a wonderful visit and a safe, smooth drive back home.
    Lots of love all around.

  3. LHB, it’s a modern-day holiday tale! Three wise women set off in the BBus for the bright lights of the big city. Bearing incensed, Purple, and mirth…they finally arrive after an arduous journey. But, Lo, all is well! I loved your account and I’m glad you’re now there, celebrating!

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