GHB’s tree story


photos: GHB

The tree is finally on the porch, and now time to get this over sized plastic net clementine bag off of it. But how?


GHB go get the scissors from the kitchen. Why don’t you use these? All right. Now can you get back there? Yes,why? Because I need you to go behind and climb on to the bench. Then what? Then start cutting the netting off the top. OK. Now ball it all up and cut it off. Then pass it to me. Done. Now we just wait for it to drink water and bring it in tomorrow.


Am I spilling? Yes. How much? Alot. Darn it! It’s fine. I’ll go get the paper towels. No no. We need to decide where to put it. I like it here. No, it should go over here. It won’t fit there.  Fine it can go over there. Do you think it is straight? Sure, it looks pretty good. Now you two get the box and we can start decorating! Lights first.


These are just our so-so ornaments. We haven’t gotten to the good box yet. Here it is. I like this one. It says, hand painted. Cool.


Hey look, it’s the glass candy and the pineapples! We have so many ornaments. It’s good we got a bigger tree this year. Yeah, but look at the distance between the top and the ceiling. It’s only like a smidgeameter! We’ll figure out something. We have to. What else will we do, get a second tree? If we do what will happen to this one? Besides, I think we’re done.


It’s beautiful!




4 thoughts on “GHB’s tree story

  1. One of the nicest trees I’ve ever seen. Love your ornaments. Where in your house is it standing. Is it in front of where the TV sits, but I don’t see the futon bed. Is it in the dining room near the window? Looking forward to more B Bus reports about Christmas adventures, Love, GAPam/#1

  2. This is some incredible writing! Drew me in with its fast-pace, unique voice and perspective. I enjoyed the end, especially…will the tree fit? Will it stay? Of course! It’s beautiful!

  3. Yes Vivi, it is beautiful and thank you for your narration…it’s the next best thing to having a tree here.
    What a wondrous time Christmas is!
    Love to you, Lou and your fabulous mom, emmy

  4. The 2012 Summer Street Christmas Tree is far and away, without question, let there be no doubt whatsoever, the most beautiful of all time!
    Much love from Dad/Grandaddy.

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