first lights


It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas, around Arlington and here at the house.  Even at its best, the Broadway plaza in the Center is far from picturesque, but GHB and I were there last week just as dusk was falling, while we waited for the end of LHB’s dance class. There were Santa-hatted high school carolers, a dusting of snow, and gingerbread treats – we stumbled into an A-town Christmas moment!


All was glowing anticipation, and window shopping felt oddly relaxing.


We found an express mailstop for the North Pole which has inspired some very intriguing letter-writing this week.  I hope Santa has a good HP department and trust the elves (or the yetis!*) are working overtime!  (That’s Harry Potter, not Hewlett Packard, for you Silicon Valley types.)


At home, the house next door sends up a glow that is bright enough to read by.  LHB likes to fall asleep watching the sparkle from her bunk by the window.


This week we lit our own first lights, outside and indoors.


And over the weekend the girls danced in our wonderfully glittering and jazzy Dance Place Nutcracker.


All these lights against the long night’s darkness; glowing warmth and bitter frost — it is the season of contrasts.  The December holidays are both joyful and stressful, brimming with delights yet tinged with the undertow of loss, distance, and over-long to-do lists.


Like most of our friends and their families, we are too busy this week, and the calendar for next week looks just as crazy.  I am trying to light one small candle at a time, to not curse the darkness, and to embrace both the blues and the blaze of Christmastime.


light star

our front door on a foggy evening last week

* See Nicholas St. North and/or Rise of the Guardians… yetis make the toys; elves just make mischief!



3 thoughts on “first lights

  1. Your candle burns at both ends, I see. 🙂 I guess that’s what the holidays require.

    Love the photo from The Nutcracker! Is that G or L in the front, spinning around?

    I assume the plaza is the same place where the Patriot’s Day Parade passed by. It looks familiar, and oh so beautiful decked out for Christmas!

  2. What wonderful photos and I love your descriptions! How I wish I could have seen the Nutcracker performances! We start our Xmas festivities tonight with a Holiday Buffet here and EBB is coming as well as the Newtons. We have a wreath outside our door and greens filling the loving cup and lots of small decor…do you remember the darling creche you brought from Peru? It’s out with the pine cone trees Claire made all those years ago. So, quite a lot of tradition minus a tree. We are doing a sing-along for all the residents on Wed., so I gave our song sheets to our social chairman. Nice to have them used! Next Sat. is the Xmas dinner and David Blume and his two children are coming and on the 29th we have a New Year’s dinner and the Whites are coming. They are serving lobster!!! Am not sure how I will do Henry’s and my Xmas Eve!! Not sure that EBB is going to join us except for tonight.

    Now there are 2 Restoration Hardware packages heading your way, so do let me know when they arrive.

    All kinds of love, mom

  3. Your wonderful Welcome to Christmas message and pictures
    makes my heart ache even more not to be there with you three angels.
    In the New Year, I’d like to firm up some plans well in advance so that
    we may celebrate and rejoice together.
    Big Love & hugs all around,

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