festival of fairs

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, it was a festival of fairs. Well it was actually only two fairs, the Harvest Moon Fair, and the Peirce Holiday Craft Fair, but we were out all day. First we went to the Harvest Moon Fair, so we  could have a look at it before it had been all picked through. In that trip I got a giant elephant, and GHB got a stuffed bunny.

Some of the sections at the huge rummage sale that we would check out later were the Book Nook, Jewelry Box, The Blue Table, Holly Shop, and more.Then we dropped in at the Holiday Craft Fair. A lot of our friends had a booth there.We bought pinecone turkeys, keychains, ornaments, and tiny fake presents.

Then we returned to the Harvest Moon Fair for PHB to work her shift  in the Book Nook.  We spent the whole afternoon there and got tons of stuff. GHB and I had a special interest in toyland (as expected by PHB) and each got like ten new toys. We also got some books, jewelry and ornaments at rock bottom prices! By the time we left, everyone was helping clean up. I even helped put books into boxes.

After the fair we got together with a friend and her family and went to Ixtapa’s for dinner. We watched a Nascar race while eating quesadillas and burritos. It was a great day at the festival of fairs!



3 thoughts on “festival of fairs

  1. Dear Louisa: Sounds as if you had a lot of fun. The rain stopped here so we could have a dry day for Thanksgiving. Lots to eat with some good friends. much love to you all. G.A Pam

  2. what a beautiful photo of all that New England offers in the Fall! Love hearing of all your activities and from LHB as well. The rains have come so we are hugging the home front today and H has a slight pneumonia :(, so even more reason to be here. Maruta just breezed through, so two days of buzz with her!

    Love mom

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