The B bus has been staying close to home these past several weeks.  The usual trundling around town for the girls’ activities, and my daily traverse of Mass Ave to the office and back.  It was Halloween and now suddenly it’s Thanksgiving.  What did we do with those three weeks?!?

1.  We had the first measurable snow of the season, a classic nor’easter.  A bad business for  places where Sandy hit hard.  I was grateful once again to be spared all but minor inconvenience.  GHB and LHB tried sledding on the slushy mess in the driveway before school that morning, but by the time we got home that evening, all was melted.

2.  We spent Election Day at home (no school because Peirce is a polling place) and working the PTO Bake Sale outside the gym where I voted along with hundreds of neighbors. GHB and LHB were excited to watch President Obama’s speech very early the next morning.

Our “blue state star cupcakes” were a hit.

Our visit to Seneca Falls in September gave GHB and LHB something to ponder as they accompanied me to the voting booth.  For a history-related homework assignment we celebrated the bold activism of GHB’s namesake, our (great-) great-grandmother, and shared her story with friends at school and church.

Here she is appearing on the parade float as Woman In Chains, denied access to the ballot box, for a suffrage event in Racine, WI in 1916.  A big thank-you to The Other PHB (#1) for adding details to my sketchy awareness of this story!

3.  We sent birthday greetings to the two November babies in Evanston — and they turned out to be in sunny Puerto Rico, attending a conference and receiving birthday greetings from the local wildlife.  I Guana Say Happy Birthday To You!  Special shout-out to cousin C who turned The Big Numero Uno on November 13!

4.  GHB is making a killing with her high-rent houses on Park Place and Boardwalk.  This game has been going on for over two weeks!  We try to play a few turns every morning before school, if we’re ready in time.  Since I’ve been enjoying Boardwalk Empire recently, the street-named properties evoke a lot of vivid imagery for me, but it’s hard to picture GHB as Nucky Thompson, in spite of her empire-building.

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, it really feels like NOVEMBER.  We’ve had almost a week of hard frost overnight.  Trees are bare and even the afternoons are chilly.  We’re spending as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the sunshine when we can, taking long walks.

These chickens were sunning themselves up at Wright-Locke Farm the other morning.  Guess they are pretty happy not to be turkeys right about now.

Happy Thanksgiving!



2 thoughts on “november

  1. Beautiful post. Love the photos and the slice of life. Maybe that’s why those fine, feathered ladies at the Farm were so friendly…saying Hooray! for not being turkeys! for anyone to hear.

  2. What a treat to have the gift of this beautiful posting! Loved all the pictures
    (but do miss all your faces). In reversion to an earlier life, will join Jimmy
    V’s family for Thanksgiving at his brother’s home. He’ll arrive late, having
    fed turkey dinner to entire Stanford football family – coaches & players & all their families!
    Much love to all,

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