… there’ll be sun


Thunder and lightning tonight, starting a little while ago when GHB and LHB went upstairs to read.  But this morning there was sunlight chasing dark grey clouds around the sky and I took a walk through the neighborhood and around the park near our house.

Quite a change from LHB’s dash through the wind and rain yesterday over to a friend’s house two blocks away.

This was early afternoon yesterday, and the Superstorm wind hadn’t really begun to blow.  When it did, trees and power lines went down all over Arlington, including right nearby.  But we are incredibly fortunate not to be among those with severe damage, flooding, or even loss of power.  With images from elsewhere (NY, NJ, PA) in mind, the aftermath in our town doesn’t seem that bad.  But it was still sobering to see the evidence of the storm’s power as close as my neighbor’s back yard, or around the corner at the intersection with the crosswalk to our school.

Here is another house less than a block from ours.

GHB and LHB had another “storm day” home from school today.  I think they were starting to drive each other crazy (and me!), so I pushed them out the door into the yard.  It was nearly 70 degrees and they played out there for a long time, before the rain started again late this afternoon.  It was very hard not to feel very lucky.



5 thoughts on “… there’ll be sun

  1. So wonderful and wondrous to read and see your experience of the past 24 hrs. Grateful you all are faring so well & in awe of the superstorm & its effects….

    THANK YOU for sharing!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE to all of you,

  2. thank you so much for the photos and the news….needless to say I have been wondering how you have fared and I have been watching like a hawk for all the news. It is devastating to think about Manhattan and Long island, but I do understand that Andrew and Charlotte are both OK and I think also Annie. Please keep me posted and I send you all my love, mom

  3. I’m glad you “weathered” the storm without damage or loss of power. LOVE the photos, and it’s good to see your house braved the elements. Here in Virginia we had only minor water damage and no loss of power, but our house on Long Beach Island may not have fared so well. I’m not even sure it’s still standing.

  4. Very relieved at minimal impact on you three and your home.
    Stay warm, dry, and smiling. Thanks for the dramatic photos.
    Loads of love from,

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