sunny / spooky


GHB and I took a walk around the Center after school the other day.  She had a school pal along and we were headed to the Robbins Library, but it was such a spectacular warm day, we couldn’t spend the whole afternoon indoors.  We noticed that the maple leaves had turned the same golden yellow color as the fresh-looking paint on the Jason Russell House, so we walked up Mass Ave to  bask in the autumnal glow.

GHB and friend were keen to visit the colonial cemetery at the center of town, adjacent to the library.  The Old Burying Ground has patriots’ graves from 1775 and ghoulish old stones.  They knew where Jason Russell himself is buried, which I did not, but mainly we enjoyed the sunshine and the blaze of color.

I love our town’s Old Burying Ground.  It’s as historic as anyone (even me) could want, centrally located and accessible, and the perfect place for a short walk to complement an afterschool visit to the Library.   Especially during Halloween season.  It was so bright and gloriously peaceful, we had to look very very closely to find the spookiness lurking in the shadows!




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