top ten dance carpool conversations / fall 2012

From the Heights across Arlington to Dance Place usually takes 10 minutes or less.  The return trip is often closer to 20 minutes with evening commute traffic, and with multiple stops to drop kids off, we’re usually in the car at least half an hour.  Plenty of time for the gals to cover a wide range of juicy topics.  I don’t currently have any dance drives with boys along for the ride, so it’s just girl talk. It’s like listening in on 9-year-old talk radio, or The View, Pre-Tween Edition.  Sometimes it’s still Webkinz and fairy tales; other days it’s strictly Hermione Granger, Justice, and One Direction

So here’s my take on the Top Ten Dance Carpool Hot Topics, as overheard from behind the wheel of the B bus:

10: what to be for Halloween (scary vs. funny)

9:  who is going to be Clara in The Nutcracker All Jazz’d Up

8:  who is going to be Clara next year

7:  my parents say I can get a cell phone when I …

6:  I love that song!

5:  I hate that song!

4:  my technology (translation: let me list the iPods, cellphones, cameras and/or     computers I own or have access to)

3:  will I get 1D tickets for Christmas??

2:  curse words I know but I am not supposed to tell other kids about (hint: it sounds like a garden tool…)

1:  TV shows our parents won’t let us watch (and we know all the moms are plotting these things together at the Carpool Mom Conference…)

Seriously.  One of them said, “No Shake It Up.  THEY all decided it at the carpool moms conference!”

Looking forward to the next CMC.



One thought on “top ten dance carpool conversations / fall 2012

  1. The carpool mom conference – love it! I bet those conferences get more done (and right away) than the Washington crowd. Still thinking about what curse word sounds like trowel….

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