Both LHB and GHB took some amazing photos on the road trip.  Dozens of them are blurry stripes of highway, trees, sky.  For whatever reason, in this one GHB got an epic cloud/sky photo, beautifully in focus.  She was snapping away throughout the trip, and I love seeing some of the B bus details through her eyes.

This is one of GHB’s favorite birthday gifts – an owl necklace which she hangs from the side door hook near her seat in the B bus, kind of like her personal fuzzy dice rearview mirror charm.

Portrait of two lucky critters who made the trip with us.

GHB also photographed some lovely details.

Wine grapes at the Pennsylvania state welcome center/rest stop

Drain cover at the base of the water wall, Seneca Falls Nat’l Historic Park

I really don’t know where she took this photo – must have been somewhere in Seneca Falls.  She finds something purple wherever we go!


Ugly doll display at the comics shop in Evanston.


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