looking at history

On our last day of driving, we took a detour in Seneca Falls to see the Womens Rights National Historical Park. First we looked at the water wall that had the declaration of sentiments carved into it. Next we went next door to the weslian chapel, and went in, thanks to a friendly park ranger who let us in. Then we went into the cinema at the visitor center and saw a 25 min. film about the “first convention”, the convention for womens rights that took place in seneca falls.

After that we went to the exhibits. One of the exhibits was two crystal balls. A big ball showing the many jobs a man could have in the 1800’s, and a much smaller ball with the 6 or 7 jobs a woman could get in the 1800’s.  We think it was unfair that men could have so many jobs and women couldn’t.

Finally we went to the gift shop where i purchased a stuffed bison named buddy bison. After leaving we began the 350 mile drive back to Arlington.



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