leaving Chicago

This visit was about spending time with the cousins, and my sister KAB and brother-in-law BTE.  So in truth we did not spend any time in Chicago other than our northbound arrival approach and southbound trip back to the interstate via Lake Shore Drive.  What a different scene today — minimal holiday traffic, and the beaches overflowing.

middle of Chicago, Labor Day 2012

It was hot, and sunnier than the weekend, so beaching it was definitely the way to go, and we were sad we had to hit the road instead of the beach with the cousins.  Very sad to say goodbye to everyone!!  Although we did not do a lot of sightseeing, we checked out Evanston’s great downtown, and caught O’s baseball game Saturday evening (he was winning pitcher!).

on the mound in Glenview park

We were thrilled to be there for his 13th birthday, too – first teen cousin (!). Plus, his birthday dinner was DELICIOUS, especially his Americone Dream ice cream pie cake. Excellent menu selections, dude!

The other thing that was going on throughout the weekend was PHB’s favorite vacation activity – the Tie Dye workshop.  T and P truly Went to Town with this effort and produced some Outstanding Results.  A+ in Tie Dye for them!

Lacking the fueling energy of anticipation and excitement about the Evanston visit, for the return trip we are breaking up the 1000 miles into three legs.  So we only had to get to Fremont, Ohio for tonight – this is somewhere between Toledo and Cleveland.  About 300 miles. We didn’t leave until nearly lunchtime, so it was a push to get here with time for food and a swim before bed.

It was hard to take off because KAB and I are sad we won’t see each other, and the kids, again for another half year or so.  But school starts tomorrow in Evanston, and we have to be back for first day Thursday in Arlington… so we are on the road in the B bus again.  Lake Shore Drive was so empty I was able to snap this shot of Chicago’s famous Buckingham Fountain, as we went by.



4 thoughts on “leaving Chicago

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful description! Great photos and sounds like loads of fun and love shared by all. Happy to hear & see all of it! xxoo

  2. The visit fills me with love for all of you and with wishes that you can be together again and again. Eerie to see downtown Chicago so empty, but great for your drive. May your trip home be safe and many thanks for sharing this beautiful family experience with all of us.
    love, mom/emmy

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