our four cousins

Here in chicago we have four whole cousins to spend time with. They are O, P, T and baby C-C.  We have tons of fun together. We bounce on a trampoline, go down a water slide, do gymnastics, play catch, and talk. We sleep in P’s room, watch O at his baseball games, play with T, and babysit baby C-C. We love them all. Its great staying with them but we also like being at home in Arlington.


Everyone on the tramp (except Baby C of course!)


3 thoughts on “our four cousins

  1. What a great looking trampoline – all together on it all at once – WOW!! Fun fun fun for everyone! (except baby C-C, of course – but I bet it was fun for her to watch!) 🙂
    I’m having fun just thinking of you and cousins having such a blast! Water slides, ball games, bouncing, talking, visiting, and birthday celebrating and eating ice cream all sound like TONS & TONS of loads of FUN FUN FUN!
    Thanks for sharing! xxoo
    P.S. Have a safe and fun-filled road trip back to Arlington! 🙂

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