Lake Shore Drive

We are here! In Evanston, six cousins all together for a final summer fling before school starts.  Lots of jumping for joy.  Literally, joyful jumping.  There’s a new trampoline in the yard.

At times it felt as if the day’s 450 miles were longer than the previous 543.  Spending the day in the car slightly less novel on day 2 of course.  But mainly it was the final 25 miles that just proved challenging — no way around it, but we were hitting Chicago during rush hour on Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend.

In the last 50 miles of the drive, we went from northern Indiana farmland

to the mega industrial lanscape of steeltown Gary and then, suddenly, bumper to bumper traffic on Lake Shore Drive.

Fortunately we had availed ourselves of the last rest stop on I-90, and some of us had fueled up for the final approach after nearly 1000 miles in two days.

We had also driven straight across Ohio all morning, marveling at the endless landscapes of cornstalks and the super spiffy 21st century wi fi rest areas. The Interstate hugs down and around the bottom of Lake Erie until it skirts around Toledo and then across Indiana to reach the most beautiful Lake Michigan.

It was HOT but we got delicious chocolate milk shakes on the Ohio turnpike near Sandusky.  The B bus is dwarfed by the landscape and even by the truckstops, but is already our home away from home and we are (still!) Loving the Road Trip.  GHB and LHB  wisely focused on lightning rounds of Harry Potter Hangman during the last hour we were crawling north along the lake towards Evanston and if anyone got cranky, it was certainly not them.

Of course we are also More Than Ready to get out of the car and spend the weekend making s’mores, swimming at the beautiful Evanston beachfront, and watching all-star nephew/cousin play baseball.  We have loved our ambitious car trip, but we’re a little tired and ready to stay put for a few days!



2 thoughts on “Lake Shore Drive

  1. Just read the latest and congrats on your arrival! Great road shots and even better news that Road Trip is still a good word with all of you!

  2. PHB,
    Bless you for this amazing account; almost as good as being with you. Fabulous photos.
    Am tempted to dub you fantastic trio Three Graces II.
    Love all around,

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