9 hours to spend

There were 9 hours to spend in the car. We had tons of activities like sketching,reading,talking, playing games, and looking out the window. We didn’t have movies.  I read 56 pages in my book, slept for half an hour, made a comic in my sketch book had a cereal bar and then got bored so I asked my sister if she wanted to play harry potter hangman with me. She replied yes. So I thought up a harry potter related word, made the spaces and she started to guess. Tuns out I spelt the word wrong and it was near end of the 543 mile car drive, so she got mad at me. We eventually settled the problem and got to the hotel, it was an exciting drive but we all just wanted to get there!



2 thoughts on “9 hours to spend

  1. Hey there LHB, GHB & PHB!
    Jasper & I are super fascinated to hear about your road trip! What an odyssey…. Thanks for sharing your great ideas for activities for travel. How are you doing now? 543 miles – WOW!! What patience! Congratulations to all! Loads of love from EBB & J WOOF!

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