543 miles

B bus locked and loaded

GHB and LHB so excited this morning; they popped out of bed on time and ready for our 6 AM departure.  Of course I had many last-minute details and tasks swirling about, so it was about 6:20 when we actually pulled out.  Who wants to come home to an unmade bed? Still, an excellent early start!

Breakfast stop in NY farm country

We drove 543 miles from Arlington today, to Erie, PA, which is a little over halfway to Chicago.  Certainly the longest day’s driving I think I have ever spent behind the wheel.  Most of it was traveling the width of the Empire State.  Truthfully, I loved it.  GHB and LHB only had one significant argument (it was a disputed word-spelling in their Harry Potter version of Hangman) and we were in the car close to 9 hours, plus all the stops for food and bathroom breaks.  Rest stops on the NY State Thruway were unexpectedly devoid of Dunkin’ Donuts but we found breakfast at the Pattersonville Rest Area Starbucks.  Something sort of wrong about having Starbucks (“Fresh Grounds: Free For Your Garden!”) on a road trip.  Felt more authentic having Roy Rogers lunch somewhere west of Syracuse.

Skirted around Buffalo (we hope to stop in nearby East Aurora on our return trip), and finally hit Pennsylvania where it touches Lake Erie between NY and Ohio.


Apparently this is Wine Country. Huge vineyards all around the Rest Area/Welcome Center.

Lake Erie visible beyond the vines

We are not seeing much of Erie beyond the hotel pool. Check out GHB and LHB practicing for 2016.  Time for a good night’s sleep and about 450 miles tomorrow to get us to Evanston, where we understand there is enough food to Feed an Army.  That’s good – we will be hungry!




4 thoughts on “543 miles

  1. Absolutely loving this blog. So glad to read you enjoyed the long drive.
    You are experiencing the very best way to see America The Beautiful.
    Pictures are magnificent.
    Love all around,

  2. What a great blog! I am impressed with GHB’s and LHB’s posts. Imagine what a keepsake this will be for them (and for you!).

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